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Owens Leasing, Inc is an Independent Agent for Landstar System, Inc..

Shipping Loads for over 35 years

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Owens Leasing, Inc – Landstar Ligon
13518 Everest Glen
Santa Fe, TX 77510 

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Owens Leasing is founded on the belief in the Lord our God. We have been blessed with everything only through His Grace. “With God, Anything Is Possible” is how we live and do business every day.  We pray daily that we will serve our customers in a Christian manner and that God will direct us in everything we do. Please contact our family member Wade Owens (Pictured Left) if you are in need of guidance to God. He can be reached at 281-481-8770. He or any of the others there would be glad to provide you with any information you need or to just listen with an open heart. You can also visit them on the web at


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